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Jorge Ivan Calleja
Graphic Designer


(915) 412.5053
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Are you a wizard?
No. I am a graphic designer and metalsmith. Some people say what I do is magic...

Do you have a hideout where you make your magical creations?
Again, I am not a wizard. But if you are referring to a studio, my creative process takes place in several places, most of the time ideas come while daydreaming. Currently stationed at The Art Avenue Magazine's headquarters and also work at a small studio with my good friend Laura Caballero she is also a graphic designer/metalsmith (copycat).

Do you have any particular life goals?
I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was...

Do you like cats?
I love lolcats but IRL I'm more of a dog person.

Do you come from an artsy family?
Not really. My parents tried really hard to get me to study some kind of engineering. After some thought, I found myself pursuing a BFA in graphic design/metalsmithing.

Have you been to mexico?
Been there? Yo soy mexicano hecho y derecho. Nacido en Ciudad Juárez
donde eh vivido la mayor parte de mi vida. Aunque por el momento resido
en los Estados Unidos. (for the non-spanish speakers: Yes).

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